Off the Shoulder Wedding Dress

What is an off the shoulder wedding dress?

Off the shoulder wedding dress is a kind of more classic and fashionable style wedding dress. The wedding dress features horizontal shoulders on both sides, that is, the two side shoulders are parallel. It is called “off the shoulder” or “flat shoulder”.

Off the shoulder wedding dress will perfectly show the beautiful collarbones and shoulders of women. However, the wedding dress of this style is not suitable for everyone, especially for girls with small breasts and wide shoulders. This wedding dress will indeed expose your shortcomings. Therefore, it is not recommended to choose.

And off the shoulder is also very easy to understand, that is, the neckline and shoulders are in a straight shape. The design of the off the shoulder wedding dress is focused on highlighting the bride’s graceful clavicle and neck and shoulders, bringing out the bride’s fashionable and beauty.

The Advantage of Off the Shoulder Wedding Dress

The off-the-shoulder wedding dress with a neckline can perfectly show the bride’s scented shoulders and beautiful curvy clavicle style. As one of the wedding dress styles, the off-the-shoulder wedding dress has been created by designers from all over the world, combining elements of various fashion trends, and constantly renovating more styles, but it is still an eternal classic, a model of beauty and elegance.

The off-the-shoulder wedding dress can well show the bride’s elegance and perfect clavicle. The off-shoulder neckline modifies the arm and shoulder lines, which can give off a dazzling brilliance.

Best hairstyles for a off the shoulder wedding dress

1. High hair bun

If the bride chooses a off the shoulder wedding dress, a high hair bun will be recommended, so that the curve of your back, shoulders and neck will be shown charmingly.

2. Korean pan head

Korean hairstyle will make people feel fresh and beautiful, and with a off the shoulder wedding dress, it can make the bride look sexy and graceful as a whole, with both mature charm and the freshness and beauty of a little happy woman.

3. Retro hairstyle

Fluffy and retro-chic hairstyles are suitable for many brides and make you look younger and more fashionable. The bride who wears off the shoulder wedding dress had better to wear a necklace. So that the match can highlight the beauty of the bride’s collarbone and neck.