Black Wedding Dress

Black Wedding Dress Meaning

1. Loyalty

In Spanish culture, black wedding dresses represent loyalty and unswerving love. Compared with the pure and romantic white wedding dress, it has a more solemn vow meaning.

2. Commitment

In the European Wende national culture, black wedding dresses represent the new couple who are willing to jointly bear any suffering and sorrow in their marriage from the time they marry. This is a little bit heavy, but it’s with some realistic and romantic colors.

3. Personality

In addition to the meanings in the above two customs and cultures, black wedding dresses also have the significance of expressing their individuality for contemporary young people. White wedding dresses are common, while black wedding dresses look more mysterious and unforgettable.

Do you think the black wedding dresses are unlucky?

1. According to our current general aesthetics, most brides dress in red wedding dress or white wedding dress. Red is the representative of the auspicious, festive, lively meaning. And white means purity and sacred. While black is easy to remind people of some bad things such as death, solemnity, and darkness.

2. However, in the Han Dynasty, on the land of China at that time, black was used as auspicious color for weddings. And black was used as the main tone for dresses. Therefore, the black wedding dress is not an inauspicious dress, but a different meaning given to it by the times and changes in people’s aesthetic preferences.

Since 2013, the sales of black wedding dresses have grown at an annual rate of 30%. The mysterious, classic, and Cool&Sexy colors are more in line with young people who pursue individuality. Under the prevalence of white and red, many celebrities have begun to pioneer new ways, abandoning traditional thinking, breaking taboos, subverting and bold, showing their own uniqueness.