Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress Meanings

When it comes to wedding dress, people usually think of white wedding dress first. But with the increasing diversity of the public aesthetic,wedding dresses of different colors have gradually come out. However, wedding dresses of different colors don’t mean the same thing. Now let’s talk about it together.

1. Black Wedding Dress

In Spain, a black wedding dress is a symbol of loyalty, meaning that the bride will love her groom until death. Black wedding dress can reveal the bride’s personality and the spirit of pursuing self.

2. Red Wedding Dress / Chinese Wedding Dress

Red wedding symbolizes happy and auspicious, wearing red wedding dress is very easy to render the atmosphere, give a person a feeling of passion and vitality, can be very good with the marriage of the enthusiastic atmosphere.

3. Blue Wedding Dress

Blue is a sign of good luck because blue is the color of the sky. Dark blue can represent aloof, melancholy, silent, light blue on behalf of innocence, purity. At the same time, blue wedding dress symbolizes romance, faithfulness, vast love and quiet grace.

4. Pink Wedding Dress

Pink is melting, pure and tender representative, also be the color that can express female characteristic most, pink wedding gauze besides pink tender outside, still have melting, lovely, green, lively feeling.

5. Green wedding dress

Green wedding dress represents safety, calm and comfort. Green is often interpreted as a symbol of life and nature, giving people a new feeling of rebirth. And the wedding dress that gives priority to with green reflected these characteristics very well. Wear it immediately full of vitality of the vitality of the feeling, free upward, unfettered, as if galloping in nature, no limit of the joy!

6. Purple wedding dress

In the west, purple represents nobility and is often the favorite color of the nobility. Purple is also a symbol of nobility, but also with a little melancholy. Purple wedding dress represents noble, elegant.

7. White Wedding Dress

White symbolizes purity and loyalty to love, giving people a sacred and solemn feeling.

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